Urban Land Institute {ULI} Nashville Civic Leadership Forum
Higher-Density Development MYTH vs. FACT

The Architect Workshop assisted the ULI Nashville Civic Leadership Forum in their mission to educate City Council about typical misconceptions surrounding real estate development by creating the Myth vs. Facts cards.  The designs were created by the Workshop with the content supplied by ULI.  These cards were distributed to City Council members in 2019.

Below is the mission of the ULI Nashville Civic Leadership Forum.

ULI-Postcard 01_Public Service Infrastructure Page 001.png

:1 Public Services & Infrastructure

Higher-density development overburdens public schools and other public services and requires more infrastructure and support systems.

Fewer families with children live in…

ULI-Postcard 04_Crime Rate Page 001.png

:4 Crime Rates

Higher-density development leads to higher crime rates.

Crime rates at higher density development are not significantly different from those at...

ULI-Postcard 07_Suburban Preference Page 001.png

:7 Suburban Preference

No one in suburban areas wants higher-density development.

Our population is changing and becoming increasingly diverse…

ULI-Postcard 02_Property Value Page 001.png

:2 Property Value

Higher-density developments lower property values in surrounding areas.

Research shows that higher-density development can increase property values. Key factors affecting property value…

ULI-Postcard 05_Environmental Effects Page 001.png

:5 Environmental Effects

Higher-density development is environmentally more destructive than lower-density development.

Low-density development destroys natural areas by paving and…

:8 Income Groups

Higher-density housing is only for low-income households.

People of all income groups choose higher-density housing.

ULI-Postcard 03_Traffic Parking Page 001.png

:3 Traffic & Parking

Higher-density development creates more regional traffic congestion and parking problems than low-density developments.

Less traffic is generated per unit…

ULI-Postcard 06_Attractive Development Page 001.png

:6 Attractive Development

Higher-density development is unattractive and does not fit in a low-density community.

Attractive higher-density development lures residents and tenants…

ULI Nashville Civic Leadership Forum (CLF) - Mission 

The mission of the ULI Nashville Civic Leadership Forum is to build Nashville’s best future by enhancing the dialogue and understanding between local decision-makers and the private land use and development community.  Participation in the ULI Nashville Civic Leadership Forum will reinforce the timeless value that strong communities are built through mutual understanding, productive communication, and good partners.

The Civic Leadership Forum will provide a setting and a framework for conversation on:

  • the fundamental forces that shape and affect the built and natural environment;

  • best practices in real estate and the use of land;

  • effectively assessing impacts and opportunities that result in building better places. and;

  • the important leadership and decision-making role of elected officials that impact the real estate development process and its challenging issues.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their role in shaping the built environment and learn tools, strategies, and talking points to make the best decisions for their constituents, the city, and its future.

The Civic Leadership Forum (CLF) is developing a catalog of concise Myth vs. Fact cards detailing quick facts based on published industry research.