700 Melpark (outside view).jpeg

Melpark Office Renovation


Nashville, Tennessee


Completed Fall 2012


13,000 SF


The Architect Workshop

Shop Team:

James Kennon
Katherine Kennon

Project Collaborators:

General Contractor:
Mott Enterprise, R&D Designs
ME Engineer:
Envision Advantage Solutions
Plumbing Engineer:
Gregory Plumbing
HVAC Engineer:
Interstate AC Services



700 Melpark is a 1960 office building conversion of an older traditional office space to an open architectural studio. The revised interior organization, use of transparent partitions and new enlarged windows at the exterior allows infiltration of natural light throughout the space. The renovation provided a radical change from a series of warren like offices and spaces to an open office layout. This new organization is more conducive to the creative process which draws from constant interaction and communication between staff.

With flexibility as a key component, full height sliding doors allow the conference room to be an open arena of casual gatherings or a more closed room for private meetings. The use of reclaimed wood on the partition systems and the sliding doors are a soft contrast to the exposed concrete block walls, concrete floors and steel structure of the original building. Operable windows and ceiling fans allow use of natural ventilation on temperate Nashville days and provide enhanced views to the charming residential neighborhood.

A transparent Lucite panel system separates the studio work area from the support areas such as restrooms break area, and storage and serves as a backdrop to the sample library. Although most of the space is calming tones of gray, black and white, pops of lime green and orange add an imaginative vibe.