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Donelson Christian Academy Concession Stand


Donelson, Tennessee


Completed Summer 2016


2,460 SF


Donelson Christian Academy

Shop Team:

James Kennon
Daley Smith
Ellis Taylor

Project Collaborators:

General Construction: Wellsprings Builders
MPE Engineering:
DF+H Services
Structural Engineering:
EMC Structural Engineers Civil Engineering:
James + Associates, Inc.


Donelson Christian Academy, DCA, Concession Stand houses the concessions area and required storage, ticketing booth, and toilet facilities. These facilities are intended to be utilized almost year-round for football, baseball, softball and soccer events. The concessions building also serves as an entrance to the school campus. The placement and the organization of the building and the adjacent gates provide a point of security and crowd management at events so that ticket fees can be collected, and staff can divert people from wandering to empty playing fields.

 One of the challenges of the structure and design of this facility is that is lies in the floodplain. This hardship resulted in the use of specific materials to construct the walls and fixtures to withstand the exposure to flood conditions.  Flood vents were also incorporated. In addition, electrical and mechanical equipment had to be designed, coordinated and installed at a unique height level to minimize the exposure to moisture and water damage.