Cary Sweat



Cary received his Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University in 2000 in a design program known for exploring emerging technologies alongside hands-on fabrications. While there, he was also exposed to the school’s Small Town Design Center, a community-focused collection of students and professionals addressing real projects in the surrounding rural communities. His education and experience left him with an early appreciation for his role as architect, maker, and neighbor.

Spending his early career involved in medical and educational institutions in Mississippi, he developed a strong foundation in the technical and professional fundamentals of architectural practice. Cary then relocated to Richmond, Virginia, exploring new areas of experience including civic, commercial, hospitality and private residential projects. He later spent several years focused on adaptive reuse and restoration of historic properties originally built between the 1800’s and 1930’s, rounding out a rich background and leaving him with a deep appreciation for the long-term implications of his work.

At the Workshop, Cary applies his depth of knowledge and experience to the day to day management of design development, documentation, and project delivery with a deep commitment to his clients, colleagues and projects.



Mississippi State University  I  2000  |  Bachelor of Art in Design